National Tsing Hua University Academic Information Systems Privacy Policy

Hello, Dear students. “National Tsing Hua University” (hereinafter referred to as the school) and “the school’s Academic Information Systems” (hereinafter referred to as the system) will give absolute respect and protection to your personal privacy. To assist you in understanding how the system collect, use and safeguard the personal information that you submit and your rights, please read the Privacy Policy carefully.

I. Collection of Personal Information
Means of collection classified according to the obtained source are described as following:

  1. Source of existing information: As you enter your student ID number and log in the system, your personal information will be transferred from the admission lists of the enrollment systems and built into the system for you to check and correct.
  2. Information You Submit: To achieve computerization of administrative work, we provide quality and efficient information network of student service. Please submit your relevant personal information following the directions on the online system.

II. Use of Personal Information
The collected personal information will be automatically built into the system and used only for academic and administrative purpose.

III. Restriction on Use or Disclosure of Personal Information
1. We use a variety of different security technologies and procedures to help protect your privacy.
For instance, your personal information is stored on secure database servers in controlled areas that
restrict access. In addition, transmission of sensitive personal information is protected through encryption.
2. For the sake of social order and public safety, requests for specific personal information made by judicial
authorities will be viewed as formal legal procedures.
3. We will never sell, share, rent, or trade any of your personal information with any other organizations or
individuals without first obtaining your consent, unless required by law.

IV. Self-protection Measurement
Please keep your passwords and personal information safe. Do not disclose any personal information, especially
your passwords to anyone else. Make sure to log out after you have finished working with your email or using the
online service of the Academic Information Systems. And if you share a computer with someone else or are using
a computer in a public place, remember to close your browser window when you have finished your work. This is to
ensure that others cannot access your correspondence or any other personal information.

V. Individual Rights
Under circumstances that meet the norm of the relevant provisions of the Personal Data Protection Laws and
Regulations, you have the right to check or update your personal information. For any amendment to information
related to household registration, please bring your documents to the Division of Registration to go through
correction formalities. If any incomplete or incorrect information provided by you affect academic and
administrative work or result in damage to your own interests, you will have to bear the responsibility.

VI. After being discussed in the University Council Meeting, this statement is implemented after approved by
the principal. Any amendment should adopt the same procedure.