Dormitory Information

Please link to the webpage of Student Housing to apply for a dormitory bed. Time to sign up:August 10 16:00 – August 14 12:00. Please complete the application form on the website within the period. Otherwise the bed will not be reserved.


  1. When the room number is given and you do decide not to live in dormitory, application shall be arranged within 2 weeks at the Student Housing Office and no lodging expense is needed. Please read Dorm Rules for NTHU Article 5 “Dormitory Bed Deposit, dormitory fee and refund” for more information.
  2. All students living in the dormitory must obey dormitory rules. If you are evicted because of violating dorm rule, the expense you pay for lodging will not be returned. Dormitory rules can be found on the webpage of Division of Student Housing.,c3416.php?Lang=en