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The Instructions for Applying Huan-Yuan Scholarship:


  1. Huan- Yuan scholarship is set up to assist NTHU students who are in straitened circumstances.
  2. Huan-Yuan scholarship is not a general scholarship, nor a student loan. For recipients, there is no formal contract for reimbursement; however, recipients are expected to give back the money after graduation and employment in order to make Huan-Yuan scholarship continue and assist another disadvantaged student.
  3. NTHU Huan-Yuan Scholarship Management Committee” resolves on the operation and verification of Huan-Yuan scholarship. The Management Committee consists of seven to nine people, and the convener is elected among them by mutual recommendation. The convener serves a term for three years, and can serve for another term of office. The representative of the committee is coming from donors whose accumulated contribution is top five over the years, and is elected by self-nomination, recommendation, or designated by school authorities. Members of the committee are employed by the president.
  4. The amount of Huan- Yuan scholarship granted for each academic year is resolved after the meeting of “NTHU Huan-Yuan Scholarship Management Committee”, with an attendance of more than half of the members and approval from two thirds of the participants.
  5. Both undergraduate and graduate students (including the upcoming enrollee) can apply for Huan- Yuan scholarship. The amount is base on the actual needs of applicants.
  6. Qualifications for applying Huan-Yuan scholarship:

    1. Students who can not afford the registration fee, living expenses, or curricular and extra-curricular learning activities. In principal, Huan- Yuan scholarship only provides financial assistance to those which student loans do not cover.
    2. For the first time application, students please attach official transcript for reference. For the second time application, undergraduate students must have their average GPA of 70 or more; while graduate students must have their average GPA of 75 or more with none of the subjects failed.
    3. Priority will be given to students who are from straitened circumstances and who make contributions to social services or participate in service inside school, or have an outstanding performance on club activities,

  7. Applicants should fill out an application form and submit the following documents to the Office of Students Affairs-Division of Student Assistance before September 15.

    1. Application form in hard copy
    2. Statement (the content is not confined, but please indicates family background, self-scheduling, special needs, etc.)
    3. One copy of tax payment of the family for latest year (or other documents which can show the financial situation of the family) 
    4. Recommendation letter in a teacher’s own handwriting (recommendation letter in typing or written on someone’s behalf will not be accepted)
    5. Plan for feedback
    6. Learning plan for academic year (curricular and extra-curricular learning plan are both required)
    7. Official transcript of academic records

  8. The verification would be finished and announced in September. Temporary examination meeting will be held if needed.
  9. Recipients are under obligation to update his/her contact information constantly through the website of Huan- Yuan scholarship. Recipient’s status of giving the money back would be announced on the website. If necessary, the Management Committee may request fundraising from the recipient with the help of the teacher who wrote the recommendation letter for the recipient.  
  10. Huan- Yuan scholarship welcomes sponsors from all sectors of society. Sponsors can designate not only the specific recipients but also the name of the scholarship he proposed. Other scholarships are also welcome to function in this way and retain its original name. However, donation designated to specific recipients is required to give at least one-fifth of the amount to all applicants.
  11. The above instructions are valid after being ratified by president. Revision is made by the same procedure.